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PianoArc getting noticed…

As the Lady Gaga ArtPop tour wraps, Brockett and the PianoArc have gotten a fair amount of attention across Europe and elsewhere.  Here’s one with great images and video links: http://www.demilked.com/piano-arc-circular-keyboard-brockettship-brockett-parsons/


PianoArc on the new ARTPOP ball tour.

The PianoArc is back on the road with Brockett Parsons and the new Lady Gaga ArtPop Ball Tour. The new tour officially kicked off early May 2014 in Florida and features a new look and feel.  For tour dates or tickets, visit http://www.ladygaga.com/artrave-the-artpop-ball Asked about the gig, Brockett says “We’re more than 10 shows in

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David Rosenthal and Brockett Jam at NAMM 2014

David Rosenthal, Billy Joel’s Music Director, takes PianoArc for a test drive at NAMM.

David Rosenthal, Billy Joel’s Music Director and renowned keyboard programmer, gives the PianoArc a whirl with Brockett Parsons during the 2014 NAMM show. David remarked “Surprisingly playable for something so novel.” David’s response was consistent with observations coming from a number of high-level players during the show. There was an initial question from the PianoArc

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Where’s middle C?

Someone asked this on Facebook.  Good question – there are actually 3 of them.  It has three 88 note sections meet at approximately 4 and 8 oclock (with midnight behind you). There’s a small controller section in the back that doesn’t technically have a “middle C”.

Brockett and Kenneth

Jammin with Brockett at NAMM

The PianoArc has made it’s way to the Music product’s industry’s biggest event – the NAMM show in sunny Anaheim CA. We’ve spent the last 2 days getting the unit ready for the show, talking to the press, and watching Brockett explore new musical territory. The show’s not even open, and we’re getting plenty of

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