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Brock360 Circular Keyboard (Gen 4)

The new 2019, custom-crafted PianoArc Circle pushes the boundaries of the musical keyboard experience.    Offering those with the means and the desire the option to take their stage presence (on tour or at home) to another level.   The latest (September 2019) design reflects the experience of multiple world tours and the input and suggestions of the world’s top touring keyboardists.  The result is a radical design improvement that offers top-tier musical performance through a new sensing technology.   We offer customization options to meet your performance and visual requirements.


  • 288 custom machined keys comprised of four 72-note keyboard sections
  • Standard “sweet spot” – The point where sharps and naturals intersect is the same as a standard keyboard/piano.  Yields an instantly playable curved keyboard.
  • Balanced keys – each key is custom machined for even feel resulting in a buttery smooth, mid-weighted synth action.


  • Single USB output to your Mac (or other sound source).  The SuperG box provides single USB output and external inputs/control and light show management.
  • Standard RJ45 (network) cables to connect sections to SuperG – (easy to find/replace).
  • New Zpad integration (Control 3 MIDI parameters with 1 finger).
  • Single Standard AC power cable (configurable to different country power standards).


  • NEW (2019):  Included choice of custom finish.  Natural keys, sharp keys, and case outer each can have specific color of your choosing.
  • NEW (2019)  Quick Setup stand brings stage ready components (no tools required). Carbon fiber integration for weight reduction.


  • Our latest improvements include the ability to pack the 4 keyboard sections and the stand into 3 flight cases.
  • Section weight:  30lbs, stand weight:  60lbs, Total Sections/Stand:  180lbs.
  • 68″ outer diameter.

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It isn’t cheap.  Please complete our information request to learn more.

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