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Brock360 Circular Keyboard

The custom-crafted Brock360 is the ultimate fulfillment of your keyboard fantasy.  This fully circular package represents the cutting edge of keyboard performance and visual design.  The design reflects the experience of two world tours and the input and suggestions of the world’s top touring keyboardists.  The result is a radical design statement that offers top-tier performance.   At PianoArc, we offer both standard configurations and customization options to meet your performance and visual requirements.

Our latest improvements include the ability to pack the 4 keyboard sections into 2 checkable flight cases (on most flights).


  • PianoArc incorporates acrylic and high density composites for key material, along with aluminum, fiberglass, other composites and stainless steel hardware for other critical piece work.  We hand assemble, fit and test to deliver our unique and exclusive look, feel, and touch characteristics.


  • 288 custom machined keys comprised of four 72-note keyboard sections
  • Standard “sweet spot” – The point where sharps and naturals intersect is the same as a standard keyboard/piano.  Yields an instantly playable curved keyboard.
  • Balanced keys – each key is custom machined for even feel resulting in a buttery smooth, mid-weighted synth action.


  • New SuperG box provides single USB output and external inputs/control and light show management.
  • Standard RJ45 (network) cables to connect sections to SuperG – (easy to find/replace).
  • Single Standard AC power cable to


  • Custom finish (colors/patterns).
  • Custom aluminum stand with three position tilt (flat, mild, radical).


  • Section weight:  30lbs, stand weight:  60lbs, Total Sections/Stand:  180lbs.
  • 68″ outer diameter.


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