PianoArc Team

Also, check out our extended family of contributors at our extended family roster.

Brockett Parsons (CEA – Chief Executive Artist)

Extraordinary keyboardist and innovator. Keyboardist for Lady Gaga and keyboardist winner of MTV’s Making His Band show is leading the pack in using the PianoArc on stage.

Brockett on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/BrockettOfficial

 Charles Johnson (Team Leader)

Chuck built his first synthesizer from a PAIA kit at age 13.  That started a love affair with the potential of keyboard technology that drives the soul of PianoArc today.  With a strong background in retail, wholesale, and software – Chuck worked with Brockett to refine and explore the original idea and built the extraordinary team that is driving the mission forward.

Chuck profile and more at cej.onlinerecital.com.

Dave Starkey (CTO)

Dave Starkey is lead designer and engineer on the PianoArc since 2014.  Dave, a pioneer in MIDI and music electronics as the founder of MIDI9 delivers a super sensitive keyboard to sound connection. Dave is inventor of numerous keyboard sensing technologies.   These allow our products to “speak” to the computers in ultra fine grained resolution.   Dave takes ideas that seem remote or impossible and makes them real in short order.

Don’t miss the Altium Stories feature on Dave: https://youtu.be/lCfcaggl6OI

Jim Behmke (Patent Counsel)

Jim Behmke gets the overqualified team award. As a lead patent attorney for some of the world’s most prominent tech companies, he put together the patent documents and drawings that underpin the company’s intellectual property assets.

Jim is the Founder of the Behmke Innovation Group

He rocks the house regularly in all things patent, but when he’s not jamming the keys (on his laptop), he’s deep in thought about his own next great invention.

Eric Netherland (Software Engineer, Musician)

Eric’s long history working with audio/MIDI technology and as a professional keyboardist was a natural fit for the PianoArc team.

Eric took the reigns designing and implementing the firmware for the XYZ touch-sensitive pitchbend/modulation pad that has become a unique part of the PianoArc arsenal.

Check out Eric’s Invention, The Netherblade at: https://netherblade.com and https://www.facebook.com/eononenetwork

Chris Legere (Designer)

Chris Legere contributes his considerable design skills to the stand and the design and dimensions of the entire project. His original designs are fundamental to our stands and products’ unique look and feel.

He contributed many hours to building the original circle while nursing a beer and a 1-year-old (not at the same time).

Peter Cote (The world’s most considerate guy)

There couldn’t be a more all-round do’er than Mr. Peter Cote. This man stepped up in the latter stages of the project and contributed a work ethic that inspired the entire team. In the Boston area real estate biz by day, and major live music fan – you’ll see nearby a stage near you.

Check out our extended family of contributors at our extended family roster.