David Rosenthal, Billy Joel’s Music Director, takes PianoArc for a test drive at NAMM.

David Rosenthal, Billy Joel’s Music Director and renowned keyboard programmer, gives the PianoArc a whirl with Brockett Parsons during the 2014 NAMM show. David remarked “Surprisingly playable for something so novel.”

David’s response was consistent with observations coming from a number of high-level players during the show. There was an initial question from the PianoArc team originally that it might be “just” a show piece. But, based on the NAMM feedback and some of the small group performances we witnessed, possibilities emerged for creative use of the size, the number of keys, the ergonomic keyboard shape, and the sound design options to help realize a new generation of keyboard performance tool!

We look forward to working with David as we explore the possibilities for keyboard rig integration in high end performance settings.

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