New Video from Cosmo

John Ebata’s new video from Cosmo music really nails it:

John Ebata from Cosmo Music (our Canadian Distributor) put together a fantastic video summarizing many of the features and benefits of PianoArc.  Really wonderful summary and testimony.

Here’s a transcription of John’s comments:

“Today we look at probably the most exotic keyboard in the world, the PianoArc 360.    I wanted the ultimate keyboard – I’m a lover of art visual art so it’s the one that I designed was carbon fiber to be light but in the color choice that I wanted.

When you see a ballerina dance it’s all in a circle  – figure skaters,  so that movement is very natural it’s very ergonomic so it works for keyboard too.  It’s 288 keys, a regular grand piano is 88 so I have almost grand pianos full of keys to play on.

 I also wanted I candy so it’s decorated with lights and the lights actually help you because they can define where your middle C is, where the zones are, where your sounds change to all programmable. MIDI notes can be triggered to highlight different lights.   I wanted every sound possible so in my rack I can have all my vintage keyboards as well as all my current so I can assign any sounds that I want the best of in the world in hardware or software being played by the keyboard.
One of the designers is Brockett Parsons.  He is the keyboard card currently on tour with Lady Gaga he wanted to stand up just like the whole tour is this crazy entertaining visual show and brock had wanted the keyboard fired not to be sitting behind a mound of keyboards.
So very simply you can split up the keyboard any which way you like it.   You can have four grand pianos out there  –   I’ve got my Bechstein,  my Steinway, my Yamaha, and my Boesendorfer all instantly playable –  and of course things that you can’t do technically of being able to play the left hand on a Boesendorfer with the right hand a Fazioli,  or then in the bridge section, you switch to the Bechstein with the Steinway  – all those combinations become possible.
Playing simultaneous same notes are not possible on one keyboard so being able to play having two sounds mapped out so that you play the same notes that you can do actually like drum rolls with two hands many things become possible.
The stand is actually a piece of artwork too and very simple very well-engineered it’s really just too upright circles holding up the keyboard with two circular side frame pieces so it’s really only four pieces holding up this great PianoArc.   It really breaks the barrier of the straight line keyboard  – saying let’s make something eye candy,  a little different,  one that stands out completely from every other keyboard that’s made.
 It’s an exotic keyboard,  it is art, visual, outstanding, it’s the PianoArc 360  and you can see it here at Cosmo music.”

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    PianoArc Demo Unit

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    PianoArc Demo Unit for Sale – Quarter Circle

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