Party at the Village Underground debuts new PianoArc

Brockett Parsons at Village Underground, NYC, April 22nd 2015. Photograph by Ashley Neuhof.

PianoArc was featured at the Pre-Party for the 2015 Edison Awards at the Village Underground in New York City.  This event sponsored by our amazing law firm – PIB law.  Check out this capture by photographer extraordinaire Ashley Neuhof during the opening number:

The gig featured Brockett flanked by two drummers along with bass/vocals.  A magical and memorable moment as the latest PianoArc design moved from production to the stage.

The latest PianoArc unit features a more portable, folding design – a process that took months to engineer and maintain the precision that performers expect.


Superbowl showing

Brockett and the PianoArc seen by lots, and lots of people and the love just keeps flowing....