PianoArc Debuts at Cosmo in Canada

PianoArc on display at Cosmo Music in Canada

(November 2016)  PianoArc announces the shipping of our latest circle to Cosmo Music in Toronto Canada. Keyboard Department Manager John Ebata is overseeing the introduction to North America’s largest music store.  The latest PianoArc is an evolution of all that has come before it – with many ideas spurred by the insights and product expertise of John at Cosmo.

PianoArc “firsts” for this unit include:

Cosmo SN5

  • First circle made from 4, 72-note modular sections which makes the unit convertible into our Dual Wing design.
  • First PianoArc unit to include our new outboard standard 19″ rack mount “Super G” box.  Features of the Super G include:
    • One touch control of MIDI Zones.   Configure the circle from 3 to 16 separate MIDI channels with one touch.
    • 12 (that’s right twelve!)  1/4″ pedal inputs.  6 for Continuous Controller (Expression, Volume, Breath Control) and 6 On/Off (Sustain, Patch Change Up & Down).
    • LED/Light Show control.  Each of the 288 notes on the PianoArc has it’s own dedicated multicolor (programmable) high intensity LED  – and the new Super G Box allows control ranging from completely off, to on when played, to “light show mode” where the colors pulsate and swirl along with the player’s performance.
    • Additional USB power.  Powers your phone/tablet, sheet music reader, sound module etc.
  • First unit shipped to a prominent, national dealer.  Cosmo, through John Ebata, will handle all Canadian sales for PianoArc.
  • First unit to feature new XYZ controller pads  (more on this soon!).
  • First two-color circle (the 4 sections in SN5 can be moved around the circle in any order, without effecting the settings for MIDI etc).

PianoArc’s new Super G Box:

PianoArc Super G Panel

PianoArc is breaking pushing the curve as it relentlessly builds instruments that blur the lines between musicality, technology, design and performance expression.  To learn more about PianoArc – please feel free to contact us. In Canada contact:  Cosmo Music. 905-770-5222 or toll free  1-800-463-3000.  


  • PianoArc Demo Unit
    PianoArc Demo Unit

    Announcement (Sale pending) Demo Unit Includes: Check for updated availability below:

  • PianoArc Demo Unit for Sale – Quarter Circle
    PianoArc Demo Unit for Sale – Quarter Circle

    This cool 72-note, quarter circle is a distinctly unique piece. Demo Unit Includes: Keyboard: 72-note quarter circle controller keyboard Zpad: Control 3 midi parameters with one finger. Stand: Gibraltar hardware – custom mount to keyboard. Condition: Very Good This is the latest design including light show mode. Check for updated availability below:

  • NAMM 2020 Review
    NAMM 2020 Review

    NAMM 2020 was the first time we showed off the full-circle in our OWN booth.  Brockett Parsons was in attendance the energy was intense. We were overwhelmed and humbled by the number of comments to the likes of “coolest thing at NAMM”  and the fantastic players/visitors to the booth.  It was great to see young…