PianoArc on the new ARTPOP ball tour.

The PianoArc is back on the road with Brockett Parsons and the new Lady Gaga ArtPop Ball Tour.artRave: The ARTPOP Ball

The new tour officially kicked off early May 2014 in Florida and features a new look and feel.  For tour dates or tickets, visit http://www.ladygaga.com/artrave-the-artpop-ball

Asked about the gig, Brockett says “We’re more than 10 shows in and I’m really enjoying it (the PianoArc) on this tour. The more I play it the more possibilities I see. The unit is strong and the action is solid. There is nothing like jamming in front of 15,000 fans when you are in the center of almost 300 keys. This is a soulful instrument. This is rock and roll.”

Thus far, Brockett’s PianoArc, which we’ve officially dubbed the Brockettship, has played over 80 venues in 45 countries.  The  excitement generated at this year’s US NAMM show in California has us gearing up for a new round of production, while fielding inquiries on other custom keyboard designs and new variations on the circle.  Contact us to stay in the loop on these announcements.

About Brockett Parsons:

Brockett Parsons is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, where he studied jazz and classical music. A resident of New York City, he’s played a lot of R&B over the years, touring with artists such as Donell Jones and appearing on late-night television shows in Carrie Underwood’s band. Brockett is well known for appearing on Making His Band with P. Diddy, where he was chosen as one of the winners. Currently, he is Lady Gaga’s main keyboard player.

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