Thanks for the awesome response at NAMM!

Wow! Four days at the NAMM show in Anaheim has given us a sense of the possibilities for this concept. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, played, discussed, and shared with us their visions for this new generation of keyboard products. We’re already back at work planning the next phase of production and are trying our best to manage the inquiries as they come in. Stay tuned – and if please visit our contact page to get in on our mailing list for updates.

The attached pic is of Don Lewis and Brockett. Don is an electronic music pioneer who is credited as the inspiration behind MIDI.  See more about Don at  After jamming with Brockett and having a chance to play on it for a bit,  Don believes the PianoArc is another major step forward in keyboard design –  he called it “freedom”.  Thanks Don!

Agents of Change
Two Agents of Change.

More pics and info soon.

  • PianoArc Demo Unit
    PianoArc Demo Unit

    Announcement (Sale pending) Demo Unit Includes: Check for updated availability below:

  • PianoArc Demo Unit for Sale – Quarter Circle
    PianoArc Demo Unit for Sale – Quarter Circle

    This cool 72-note, quarter circle is a distinctly unique piece. Demo Unit Includes: Keyboard: 72-note quarter circle controller keyboard Zpad: Control 3 midi parameters with one finger. Stand: Gibraltar hardware – custom mount to keyboard. Condition: Very Good This is the latest design including light show mode. Check for updated availability below:

  • NAMM 2020 Review
    NAMM 2020 Review

    NAMM 2020 was the first time we showed off the full-circle in our OWN booth.  Brockett Parsons was in attendance the energy was intense. We were overwhelmed and humbled by the number of comments to the likes of “coolest thing at NAMM”  and the fantastic players/visitors to the booth.  It was great to see young…