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ZPad Performance Controller Surface

ZPad Performance Controller Surface Intuitive, expressive, and responsive XYZ MIDI controller pad that enhances your Circle keyboard or any MIDI instrument. State-of-the-art FSR technology. Full X, Y, and Z axis response for ‘3D’ simultaneous controller movements. Floating or fixed pitchbend modes for hi-rez bends, “hammer-ons”, and trills. Latched XYZ continuous controller mode to seamlessly “morph” […]

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Brock360 Circular Keyboard (Gen 4) The custom-crafted PianoArc circle pushes the boundaries of the musical keyboard experience.    Offering those with the means and the desire the option to take their stage presence (on tour or at home) to another level.   The latest design reflects the experience of multiple world tours and the input and […]

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PianoArc SuperG Box – New in 2017 The SuperG box is the “brain” that connects PianoArc keyboards/sections to your computer and outboard MIDI gear.  Simple connections to extraordinary capabilities. Featuring:   Easy USB connection:  Merges EVERYTHING (PianoArc keyboards, control pads, pedals) into a single USB compliant output. Quick/Convenient Setup: Connect up to 4 PianoArc keyboard sections […]

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PianoArc Dual Wing

The PianoArc Dual Wing This version:  Half-circle with custom stand.   Debuts with the Atlanta Hawks Pro Basketball Team at the Phillips Arena, in Atlanta Georgia. Facts: Half-circle (180 degrees of keys), optional mount (pictured) for control surface. 144 keys from dual 72 note sections, with integrated LED -MIDI programmable light show. Our new SuperG […]

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Demo Unit Now Available

Full package.