PianoArc SuperG Box – New in 2017SuperG_Panel_final

The SuperG box is the “brain” that connects PianoArc keyboards/sections to your computer and outboard MIDI gear.  Simple connections to extraordinary capabilities.

SuperG Box connects to PianoArc sections via Standard Network Cables.


  1. Easy USB connection:  Merges EVERYTHING (PianoArc keyboards, control pads, pedals) into a single USB compliant output.
  2. Quick/Convenient Setup: Connect up to 4 PianoArc keyboard sections via standard Network (RJ45) cables.
  3. Additional Performance Control:  Twelve pedal inputs – 6 switched (sustain, patch change etc) , 6 continuous (expression, modulation, etc). That’s right – 12!
  4. One touch control of MIDI Zones.   Four one-touch presets give access up to 16 separate MIDI zone/channels.  Dual MIDI IN/OUT for standard module connections.
  5. LED/Light Show control.  Each PianoArc key/note has it’s own dedicated multicolor (programmable) high intensity LED  – and the new Super G Box allows control ranging from completely off, to on when played, to “light show mode” where the colors pulsate and swirl along with the player’s performance. Options:  Zone-Color on (default), light notes when played, rotating “movement” show, completely off.
  6. Section “aware”:  Automatically recognizes number of PianoArc sections connected and offers presets configured and optimized for the number of sections connected (1 to 4).
  7. Charging ports: 2 power outlets for extra USB gear (iPad, phone, other MIDI etc).
  8. Size:  Standard 19″ rack mount.  Fits into existing racks.

Bottom line, the new PianoArc SuperG box offers a single source USB connection and extraordinary performance control.