ZPad Performance Controller Surface

ZPad Performance Controller Surface

Intuitive, expressive, and responsive XYZ MIDI controller pad that enhances your Circle keyboard or any MIDI instrument.

  1. State-of-the-art FSR technology.
  2. Full X, Y, and Z axis response for ‘3D’ simultaneous controller movements.
  3. Floating or fixed pitchbend modes for hi-rez bends, “hammer-ons”, and trills.
  4. Latched XYZ continuous controller mode to seamlessly “morph” from one sound to another.
  5. Percussion mode to trigger drums, samples, loops, etc.
  6. Smoother, more powerful, and more expressive than wheels, knobs, or sliders.
  7. Customizable, mappable zones.
  8. USB MIDI support.
  9. Roadworthy aluminum case.

PianoArc packages come with one ZPad per section (ie. 2 for Dual Wing, 4 for circle).

Superbowl showing

Brockett and the PianoArc seen by lots, and lots of people and the love just keeps flowing....